CS4400X: Introduction to Database (Data Management) (Spring 2021)


Important Q&As about this course

  • Q1: How is CS4400-X different from other sections of CS4400?

    A1: CS4400-X has two parts. Part I is the same as CS4400, which discuss relational database technologies. Part II is additional materials that talk about data management issues in data science, including data profiling/mining, practical machine learning, and data quality and data cleaning. Please refer to the Schedule page for detailed topic breakdown. Part I is about 2/3 of the course, and Part II is about 1/3 of the course.
  • Q2: Is there any programming assignments?

    A2: Yes. There will be an assignment about writing SQL queries. There will also be a Kaggle competition style assignment using Python.
  • Q3: Are there mid-terms and finals?

    A3: There will be only one exam, which covers the first part of the course. The final project covers the second part of the course.
  • Q4: What is the grade breakdown?

    A4: Please see the Workload Page.
  • Logistics

    We will be using Canvas for course announcements, uploading materials that should not be made public, submission of assignments, and release of grades, etc.


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