CS4400X: Introduction to Database (Data Management) (Spring 2022)


Important Q&As about this course

  • Q1: How is CS4400-X different from other sections of CS4400?

    A1: CS4400-X will cover the relational database technologies, just like the rest of CS4400. In addition, we will cover other important and modern aspects of data management and data science, including data profiling/mining, practical machine learning, and data quality and data cleaning.
  • Q2: Is there any programming assignments?

    A2: Yes. There will be an assignment about writing SQL queries in SQL language that we will learn in class. There will also be an optional Kaggle competition style project using Python. The optional project will offer a chance to increase your overall grade should you decide to do it.
  • Q3: Are there mid-terms and finals?

    A3: There will be only one exam and one optional project.
  • Q4: What is the grade breakdown?

    A4: Please see the Workload Page.
  • Logistics

    We will be using Canvas for course announcements, uploading materials that should not be made public, submission of assignments, and release of grades, etc.

    Academic Honesty:


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